Avoiding holey clothes

Caffeine intake today: 3 Americano’s and a lovely cup of tea.

Ok, so, here’s the thing, I’m back on Facebook. Yes, yes, yes, I know I ranted in my first blog about how I used it as a “personal procrastination portal” but this is different I promise. This time I am not going to spend hours looming into other peoples’ lives or scroll mindlessly through the duff stuff and then complain that I do it. This time I’m doing it to for a reason, for “mostly bewildered” and its/my future – eek!

I love writing this blog, it gives me a place to write and quietly publish my work in a hidden corner of the internet, and with the writing comes a huge sense of wellbeing and purpose. However real life is catching up with me and I need to start earning some money. Dan is incredibly supportive of my writing and believes in me and my abilities, but we’re broke, so to try and stop us from falling into a pit of beige food and holey clothes I’m going to give this writing malarkey a right good crack and see what happens if I no longer potter along quietly but I market myself, or rather market Bea Wildered and this blog. I’d love to write for a living so I need to try and get out there a bit more.

It does feel a bit bollocky to say “market myself” but as my mother always says “the world won’t come to you, you’ve got to go out to the world” and in this day and age if you want to put your work out into the world that usually means having a Facebook page and a Twitter account amongst other things (but I’m not sure what they are yet). Gawd help me, I haven’t a bloody clue what I’m doing! I’ve never used social media to “promote” anything I’ve ever done and I feel really scared about it, but like I recognised in my last post (here) that’s just fear and I’d rather do something like this, be scared about it and try, than not do it and always wonder what if…

I am so, so, so lucky that I live in a village where the sisterhood is amazeballs and I have been able to listen to the wisdom of one of the village sisters for advice on marketing and self-promotion. Daisy was fantastic and having ran her own company really knows the pitfalls and uses of social media, and she was really encouraging about FB and Twitter, so with the strength and knowledge of the sisterhood behind me I’m plunging in. Shit.

So if you want to be my friend (how needy does that sound?) I’m now on FB where I will be posting little ditties, snippets of other work and links to posts. Bollocky marketing-esque link here: Facebook
(Please note: It turns out there’s more than one Bea Wildered on FB, I’m the one with the podgy drunk hamster as my profile picture a.k.a the image of my brain)

I’m also on Twitter, I haven’t a bleeding clue how to use it properly yet but feel free to start following me even if it’s just to have a laugh at how I mess it up.  Second bollocky marketing-esque link here:
(please note: Bea Wildered was already taken, but I think it’s more suiting that my name is ordered wrongly, it’s more suited to my personality)

See you next time, maybe on FB or Twitter…

Bea x

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