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Dear Dan,

I was jealous of you. When I saw you in the garage sanding down that old shelving unit, I felt jealous. I wanted to be the one gripping the old grainy wood and holding the rough sand paper.  It looked liberating, you looked relaxed and happy and I felt trapped and unhappy, and that’s why … Continue reading


School Slow

Here in the UK we’re already in autumn and fast approaching half term. It’s as though the summer holidays never happened isn’t it? Here in Bewildered Towers we have not had a good run back into the so-called ‘fresh start’ into the new school year – it has been a very slow term. In fact … Continue reading


British Seaside

Caffeine intake today: I ran out of beans (I don’t have many indulgences in life, but my coffee machine was my biggest ever, other than our house. Otherwise we live on own brands everything) so I’m now on cafeterias, my second cafeteria of the day… whoops! Hi all, I’m not a confident poet but I enjoy writing poems … Continue reading